From Laughter to Tears … Embracing Wedding Day Emotions

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Michele-Yvette Photography – Embracing Wedding Day Emotions – Love

It’s so easy to get caught up in the details of your wedding day. Many of you have been imagining this day for years. You know what colors you want, you know what kind of cake you want, you may even know what dress you want to wear down the aisle. Let’s face it, most of us love to shop anyway. So, planning and shopping for the biggest day of your lives can be a blast – and an exercise in finding out how organized you really are. But when you’re all done picking your wedding photographer, the florist, the wedding videographer and all the folks who will turn your special day into the wedding and reception you’ve been dreaming of, that’s when the emotions finally sneak in.
rhode island wedding photographer

Wedding Day Emotions – Anticipation

When I have my consultations with brides and grooms, the conversation often turns to the emotions of the day. Some of you say you know you won’t cry. Some worry about their parents crying too much. While most couples got so wrapped in the planning, the details, the dress, the flowers, the cake, when the day of your wedding arrives, you will be overflowing with emotions ranging from laughter to joy to tears. You’ll probably be caught off guard. I tell grooms-to-be don’t be surprised if you cry more than the bride. They don’t believe me. But I’m never surprised when some time during the day, I catch the groom in tears whether it be during the ceremony or at the reception.
rhode island wedding photography

Embracing Wedding Day Emotions – The Tears

So, embrace those emotions. Forget about the cameras.

Embracing Wedding Day Emotions – The Joy

When you look back on those photographs years from now, you’ll remember much more than your photographer telling you how to pose, you’ll remember who made you laugh so hard it cooled your wedding day jitters, who drew you to tears and the emotions you felt while the tears flowed, and you’ll be immediately brought back to those feelings of joy when you first saw your bride- or groom-to-be on your wedding day.
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Wedding Day Emotions – The Laughter

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