Why You Should Photograph an Engagement Session

Providence, RI Engagement Session

You got engaged, or you’ve been engaged for years, and you finally set a date!  Congratulations!   You’re going to have a lot of decisions to make leading up to your wedding day.  And one of the biggest is choosing your wedding photographer.  Many photographers, including Michele-Yvette Photography, offer engagement sessions as part of a package.  Take advantage of it!  It’s not only a chance to work with your photographer ahead of the big day it’s also an opportunity to put those great photos to good use.

If you’re like my husband and I, most of the pictures we have of ourselves are those E.A.P.’s.  You know what I’m talking about – extended arm pics.  You grab your cell phone or a point and shoot camera, throw your arm up in the air, hope you’re in focus, and snap.  Look, ma, no arm!

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Why You Should Photograph an Engagement Session

An engagement session is also a great way to get into the comfort zone in front of the camera and with your chosen photographer before what’s often a chaotic wedding day.  You get used to posing, smiling for long periods of time – believe it or not, smiling that much isn’t as easy as you might think.  But you also get to see your photographer in action and get to know how he or she works.  And the photographer gets to see how the two of you interact with each other and mentally note your comfort zones.  It’s nice to know ahead of time if a future bride is going to be willing to climb a tree ;-).

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Engagement Sessions

Pick a spot that’s special to you.   It may be where you met or love spending time together or where you got engaged.   If you’ve got the time, do your engagement session sooner rather than later.  Some couples love doing fall themed sessions when they have summer weddings.  Also, the closer you get to the wedding date, the busier you’re going to be and may find you don’t have the time to do an engagement session at all.

Choose outfits that complement each other and make you feel great.  For the ladies, it’s also a great time to do a test run with hair and/or makeup.  Even bring a change of outfit if you can’t decide on just one.

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Now that you’ve got all these beautiful pictures of yourselves, what do you do with them all besides load them on your computer or share them on Facebook?  Use them for your Save the Date invitations or magnets and even for a newspaper announcement.  And don’t forget, family members will always appreciate the gift of a pretty picture of you love birds. 

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Engagement Session in Narragansett, RI

My husband, Bruce, (Unique Video Productions) often uses photos of couples in his wedding videos and in big screen presentations shown at the reception.  They make a great addition to ones of the two of you growing up and vacation candids. 

Part of my package includes an enlargement that can be used as a signature matt at the reception to be hung on your wall later.  Or you may even want a specially designed book with engagement photos of the two of you scattered throughout that your family, friends, and wedding guests can sign at the reception.  It’s a great keepsake and easy to pull out whenever you feel like reliving these cherished moments.

So, book that engagement session, and have fun planning your wedding!!  Xxoo…myp

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Engagement Sessions, Rhode Island


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