Hot Summer Love… June Wedding Bliss

Summer in New England can be many things – from long lazy days at the beach to steamy hot bad hair days.  And one of the best days of June came on the day Aprille and David got married. 

David's Bridals

She Found the Dress!

I first met Aprille last October.  I decided to photograph her when she picked out her wedding dress in November.  She knew it was “the one” the moment she slipped into the gown.  You could just tell.

Once the snow, clouds and rain finally cleared out in April, I met Aprille and David down in Jamestown, Rhode Island at Beavertail Lighthouse and Park.  In true ‘guy’ fashion, David wondered what we were going to do for two hours for their engagement shoot.  But it didn’t take him long to light up in front of the camera. 


Engagement Shoot at Beavertail, Jamestown, RI
Engagement Session, Jamestown, RI

Then their love for each other shined as bright as the sun setting over the ocean and atop the rocky cliffs of Beavertail.  This park holds a special place in my heart – my husband and I had our first date there, and that’s where he asked me to marry him.  Bruce was also Aprille and David’s wedding videographer.

Finally, the wedding day arrives…

Wedding Day Details

I absolutely love photographing the brides and all her girls getting ready for the big day.  I can best describe it as a cocktail of orderly chaos, nervous excitement mixed with lots of giggles.  By the way, check out the amazing color themes Aprille picked out for her bridesmaids.  The mix of orange and yellow is exciting, and all the girls were decked out in amazing silver stiletto heels to finish off the look.

Wedding Day Preps, bride, bridesmaids

Wedding Day Preps

The hour long Filipino-Catholic wedding ceremony brought tears to everyone’s faces – the moms, of course, as well as the many, many godparents of the bride and groom. 

***Click on a Picture to See Large Version***

Married at St. Mary's Church, Cranston, RI

To the Church!

Then it was off to Roger Williams Park and Zoo.  Rhode Island has very many picturesque places.  Roger Williams Park has something for everyone and is probably one of the best maintained parks in the state.   That’s why it’s such a popular place for wedding photos. 

Roger Williams Park and Zoo wedding photography
Bride and Groom
But you always capture something different.  That’s because, to quote my husband, every wedding is a fingerprint, no two are the same.  And with this wedding party, we got to mix up the traditional and have a lot of fun as well!
wedding day formals

Bridal Party

TIP:  Here’s some advice to all you brides, grooms, groomsmen, and bridesmaids-to-be — be sure to eat in the morning or while you’re getting ready.  It’s a long day and you won’t be sitting down to dinner until the evening.  Even if there’s very little time for photos, most people are surprised at how exhausting it is to  pose and smile all day 😉
Make the most of it, smile, have lots of fun.  It’s what the day is meant to be.  I love weddings.  I always have.  I never feel  l ike I”m working on days like these. 
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Many congratulations, Aprille and David.  The day you said I Do will forever be etched in everyone’s memory.  Thank you so much for letting me – and Bruce – be such a big a part of your most memorable day.  I wish you both much happiness and a healthy and prosperous future together… xxoo myp …
rhode island wedding photographer

The Shoes Say it All


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2 Responses to Hot Summer Love… June Wedding Bliss

  1. Dave and Aprille says:

    Dear Michele,
    It’s so hard to put into words all the things we need to thank you. But let me start by reminiscing the day me, you and Bruce first met, totally confused but you both helped me where to start. You both must have been annoyed with me calling and texting you and Bruce constantly. Sometimes I wonder if you miss me texting you too much. The day you texted me that we can view the wedding pictures on your website. I was calling everyone and invited most of them so we can all see it together. It just brings back memories on our special day and even caught a lot of stuff we never noticed not to mention all the off guards. It is like making a love story taken by your extra-ordinary talent in photography. Watching all our wedding pictures brought me into tears. It is so breathtaking. We are so lucky to have met u Michele and your husband Bruce who also is our videographer on that day. Working with you guys made it more easy and relaxing not just because you both are professionals at your own specialty, but also because you both are blessed with wonderful personalities. I can’t wait until the day you’ll hand us the wedding album. I know it would be over the top from out expectations and i know i’m going to handle it with care and love. You made our wedding day memorable and full of emotions a treasure not only kept forever with us but kept in our hearts as well as all our family, friends and people who shared that wonderful day with us. Thank you thank you thank you. May God bless you both!

    Thank you there isn’t a perfect word to best describe how happy we are with the art that you have created. You and Bruce are very nice who helped us make that day memorable. Yes, you were right it isn’t easy to pose and smile but you guys helped us become natural. Thank you and more powers to you and Bruce success.

    -Dave and Aprille-

  2. Dave and Aprille..
    Wow, I don’t know what to say other than thank you so much for your kind words. It’s all I can hope to achieve knowing that you’ll treasure all these captured moments. And no, Aprille, you could never text me enough! As the bride, you’re as much as part of the ‘process’ as I am. And I’m so happy with what we’ve achieved together. Thank you, thank you, thank you for entrusting your day to me and Bruce! much love and continued happiness.. xxoo.. michele

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