A Perfect 10/10/10 Wedding – Vieques, Puerto Rico

A beautiful beach wedding on Sun Bay…

Boy, do I love a beach wedding!  Ines and Terance, joined by dozens of their family and friends, flew down to Vieques, Puerto Rico for their dream destination wedding.  And they tied the knot on a day they won’t easily forget.  No excuses on the 10-10-10 anniversary date in years to come!!  According to David’s Bridals, this New Jersey couple was just one of almost 40,000 who planned to say “I Do” on this unique date (www.nytimes.com/2010/10/09/us/09date/html).  And I was one of the many lucky wedding photographers called upon to capture the moments these two will treasure forever.

Bride and Groom on Beach: Wedding in Vieques, PR

Married on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

 Coordinated by Sandy Malone of Weddings In Vieques, the day started at Casa de Kathy in Esperanza.  Family members looked on as Maritza (MOH) and their stylist prepped the already beautiful – and serenely calm – bride, Ines,  for her walk down a sandy aisle for their afternoon ceremony on Sun Bay that Sunday.

Caribbean Wedding Photography

Getting Ready: Wedding Day Preps

   The week had been a rainy one.  But mother nature relented and cleared the skies for a picture perfect holiday getaway wedding weekend on one of the many pristine beaches of the Island of Vieques.  The Beach Wedding Ceremony was absolutely stunning.  As Ines walked toward the shore through a line of palm trees, Terance kept his eyes averted, waiting to see his bride at just the right moment – at the same time trying to keep his emotions in check 🙂 .  But the second Terance’s best man and brother saw his sister-in-law to be, his tears started flowing even before the groom’s!  And Ines was such a sight!  She kept her eyes tight on her groom as her father guided her down the aisle to the light sounds of a local guitar trio.  I found tears welling up in my own eyes anticipating the moment they’d hold hands for the first time on a day they’ve been planning for so long.  Sure enough, applause erupted as dad handed over his stunning daughter.  And that’s when Terance finally lost it!  What a moment to be remembered.  (When I meet with couples during the planning stages, I often say that the grooms cry more than the brides.  They always think I’m joking!) 

Beach Wedding Ceremony: Rings: Parents: Orange Flowers

Vieques Beach Wedding Ceremony

  And don’t get me wrong.  It wasn’t just the ‘boys’ weeping.  Both of their moms shed tears through the entire ceremony.  And with family and friends from New Jersey and North Carolina (including their officiant, cousin of the groom), Ines and Terance tied the knot in such a touching ceremony overflowing with a love they’ll share for a lifetime.  

rhode island wedding photographer
I Do

The vows have been exchanged.. The rings have been exchanged.. With the  first kiss as husband and wife, a wave of love crashes onto the beach.. Time to get this party started! 

Wedding Beach Formals

Ines and Terance

Aaah.  Pure Elation!  The reception for this Destination Wedding moved over to Quinta Jabali, a mountaintop villa overlooking the Caribbean Ocean.  The view is absolutely stunning.  And all eyes returned to Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins as they made their joyous entrance for their first dance together as husband and wife! 

Married Couple's First Dances: Caribbean Photography

First Dances

Thank you Ines and Terance for inviting me to document such a wonderful day!  You are a unique couple, as special as the day you chose to get married. 

And for those of you who are thinking of doing what Ines and Terance did, there are only a few of these rare dates left … in your lifetime anyway.   1/1/11, 11/11/11 and 12/12/12.  After that, the triple unique dates won’t start up again for another 3,001 years!    

 And if you like what you see, please let me know.. Just click on “Leave a Comment” at the bottom of this page!  Thank you and thanks for visiting michele-yvette photography!


rhode island wedding photographer: rings, shoes, flowers, cake
Wedding: The Details






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  1. Gloria Barlow says:

    Absolutely breathtaking, Michele!! Your work as a Wedding Photographer will surely be well known! You make us all very, very proud!!

  2. Glo! Thank so much! Those words mean A LOT coming from you…

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